easy webinar 5.0 reviews

easy webinar 5.0 reviews

Easy Webinar 5.0 Reviews- Hands down strategy to generate leads

What is Easy Webinar 5?

Here is another one of the many Easy Webinar 5.0 Reviews. Hopefully this will answer all your pressing questions and help you tp decide if it’s for you

No idea about Easy Webinar 5? No problem.

The Easy Webinar 5 plugin is funnel/event creation software which helps you to create fully automated webinar funnel for you. You just need to plug-in the title, name, time and schedule of the event, the easy webinar tool will create landing pages for registration, thank you, event page and replay pages automatically.

This plugin works with any existing WordPress website to create dynamic and responsive funnels to generate leads.

easy-webinar-5.0 reviews

How does Easy Webinar 5.0 work?

I being a digital marketer, used Easy Webinar 4 (previous version of easy webinar 5) which was a huge success in the market and was used by top affiliate marketers to generate leads and make money.


If you are new to using webinars, you must be wondering why use webinars and how one can make money through webinars. Basically a Webinar is similar to online seminars , where group of persons come online at one time, and the host presents his talk through slides and makes it a live event.

A webinar can be used as a marketing/educational event, you are able to garner attention of many people at one time, and at same time create awareness of the product you plan to promote, thereby harnessing leads.

So now you understand easy webinar 5 is an innovative method to generate leads.

New features in Easy Webinar 5

Let me summarize the latest features which have been added in easy webinar 5.

As you are all aware, mobile devices and smartphones have overtaken desktops, so for any website, mobile friendly is a must, and in easy webinar 5, they offer mobile responsive templates.

Also they have integrated with” YouTube Live” which means fast live streaming without any buffer.

The host can share their presentation to unlimited audiences and also have ten co-presenters in the same room with them. There is no need to download any software and it removes the hassle of “Drop calls”.

There has also been integration with their SAAS software, which basically means you can use their easy webinar plugin on your existing websites.




Live & Pre-Recorded Events

One of the exciting features is the ability to create live and pre-recorded events.

Once upon a time, Webinars were only live events, but marketers found a huge opportunity to put up pre-recorded webinars for better engagement, more sales and increased scalability.

Another one of the reviews states that now, this easy webinar plugin is cloud-based, meaning all pages will be hosted in the cloud, but at same time, you can host on your own server if you wish. With this plugin, one can host their first live webinar within five minutes and run endless webinars/ series sequentially to educate, motivate and nurture unlimited audience. Easy Webinar 5 is the appropriate tool and substitute to out-of-date webinar packages.

Replay Pages

Easy webinar 5.0 have introduced multilingual /localized templates, which is great as you can edit the custom template in your own native language.

The Replay pages can be built on specific date based, so it is evergreen whenever you plan to replay them after the webinar. You also have the flexibility to pull it down or make it offline as you wish.

What I liked most is the flexibility to create webinar funnels that provides endless scope to marketers to leverage new audience or nurture existing audience, thereby increasing your conversion rates.

Easy Webinar 5.0 vs Easy Webinar 4

Unlike version 4, easy webinar 5 has hosted inbuilt notification system to send important messages to subscribers.

Deep tagging and automation for both live and recorded webinars is one of the best features according to easy webinar 5.0 reviews as they say it can be used as marketing strategy for segmentation and campaign follow up which was not available in older versions.

Now, another thing that Easy Webinar 5.0 can act as a list building tool to collect emails when people register for events. One can integrate it with any auto responder program to broadcast and create unlimited email funnels.

easy-webinar 5.0 reviews

Who needs Easy Webinar 5?

I have gone through WSO easy webinar 5.0 reviews and they have listed the type of audience who may require this easy webinar plugin.They include:

Any professional who work in business, education, sales, network marketers, affiliate marketers, trainers, consultants and many more who want to increase their sales and nurture their customers.

So if you are looking for a way to keep your audience motivated to buy your products and services then Easy Webinar %.0 may be the answer. If you would like to check out the software for your self and marvel at how easy all the new features will improve your marketing then click the link below

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I hope you enjoyed this Easy Webinar 5.0 Reviews article. If you would like to see the software in action then just click the link above