Easy Webinar 5.0 Review

Easy Webinar 5.0 Review

Easy Webinar 5 Review

Easy Webinar 5’ is the latest in a line of products from Easy Webinar, a company that specializes in providing simple, easy to use software to create your own webinars to support your online sales and marketing needs.

Webinars are basically online seminars. They allow a large number of people around the world to connect to the same broadcast where the host walks the ‘attendees’ through a presentation on whatever subject they are focusing on. With the ability to show slides, videos, webpages and pretty much whatever the host wants, webinars can be a great tool to get information across to lots of people at once.

If presented in the right way, webinars can be a far more effective means of conveying information across and, crucially, making sales than traditional sales letters or hosted videos. They add an extra aura of professionalism and, if framed as an educational presentation, can get a lot of people listening to you for a great deal of time (an hour, perhaps more).

Easy Webinar 5.0 Review

As a marketing tool, this can make all the difference. By engaging with your attendees for a longer time you are able to build a trusted relationship- something that leads to a much higher success rate with sales, particularly the higher priced products. The fact that you are broadcasting live to the audience greatly improves your success too, especially when compared to a video sales letter.

While being able to include the same information as you would in a VSL (your story, examples of other people who have been successful and important information), you are also able to respond directly to any questions raised by viewers in a directly relevant way to that potential customer, and you’re also able to use some more traditional sales techniques such as ‘BUY NOW’ promotions.

There are, of course, many other benefits to using webinars, but the best way to learn these is by simply getting started- and Easy Webinar 5 promises to provide the full package to allow you to do this.

 What does EasyWebinar 5 do?

Easy Webinar 5 describes itself as ‘both a cloud based hosted and wordpress integrated webinar platform. Allowing you to easily create the highest engaged sales and marketing funnels on the planet. Create a live webinar in under 5 minutes or scale up using our under the hood automation combining engagement, learning management tools, and marketing integrations’.

easy-webinar-5 review

Put more simply, the software suite that they offer provides the ability to easily start broadcasting webinars and other online event marketing funnels to support your business. Whether you want to be able to one click and start broadcasting, or be able to tweak the finer details of the entire setup, Easy Webinar 5 will work to your degree of confidence. The latest version of EasyWebinar even allows you to host everything you do with them, which makes things even easier.

 Here are some of the important features that EasyWebinar 5 offers:

  • Live and Automated events – Even though a webinar is usually broadcast live, EasyWebinar also gives you the option to pre-record your events. You can then schedule the time for broadcast, or allow viewers to watch whenever they wish, and this can help you promote your products even when you aren’t at your computer. It also allows you to schedule repeats of webinars you have already broadcast, as the system saves everything you do. This allows you to be benefiting from your online presence, even when you can’t be online.
  • Templates – EasyWebinar 5 comes packed with a large library of templates that you are able to use to create the pages of your webinar. With such a variety to choose from, you will be able to make your broadcasts look unique without having to spend too much time designing it all.
  • Cross Platform Utility – EasyWebinar 5 uses google, youtube live and wordpress as the technologies behind the service. But, instead of you having to put these all together yourself, they have done this work for you- meaning you are able to focus on your business and sales rather than website issues.
  • Experts – You are not alone when using Easy Webinar. There are plenty of tutorial videos to teach you how to run your webinars. Certain packages give you access to a production assistant who assists with the production of your events (including live producing). The production assistant will also help with the entire technical side- including the setup of your youtube account etc.
  • Rehearsals – Easy Webinar 5 allows you to practice your webinar before actual broadcast. They provide feedback and tips on how to improve it for the real thing.

 How much does EasyWebinar 5 cost?

Although Easy Webinar 5 has not yet released, if you join now you will get an automatic upgrade when it does. The current prices advertised on their website are:

  • Basic package – $497 per year – This allows you to create unlimited live and automated webinars to an unlimited audience
  • Quick Start Package – $746 – This package provides you with a producer for your event. It includes the creation of 1 live or automated event and a 1-on-1 rehearsal session with full technical setup, training and support.
  • Event Injector Package – $1475 – The same as the quick start package but you get two rehearsal sessions, and the webinar you broadcast live will be automatically automated for you.
  • Gold Ribbon Package – $2695 – This provides you with a producer for two events, up to three rehearsal sessions, full technical assistance, and the events that you broadcast live will be automated for you.
  • Brand Revamper Package – $4246 – The same as the gold ribbon package, but also includes a re-design of your webinar, a commercial license of EasyWebinar and access to Casey Zeman’s (one of their experts) elite webinar mastery program.
  • Premium Boost Package – The same as Brand Revamper package, but with the production of three events, and access to the ‘OnlineBroadcasts’ program.



Whether Easy Webinar 5 is the right product for you clearly depends on your business needs. If you are looking to increase your online sales efficiency, then webinars could be a powerful tool for you to use to achieve this. There are a few services available to help you, and Easy Webinar 5 definitely provides a comprehensive package, which will be useful for the most novice of users as much as it will help those that are more experienced.

Take a look at their website at easywebinar.com to see further details, they quite often have offers for discounted membership available and could very well be the service you are looking for.

If you’re seeing this page it means my review is not quite ready. Please check back on this page in the next day or two and my full review should be posted by then where I’ll show you inside the members area and give you a full tour of everything that the course contains.

Hope you find it helpful


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easy webinar 5.0 review



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